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From the de Been 100% Jiu Jitsu Cairns QLD website:

Cairns’ largest and longest running Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu academy, with FOUR Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belts. We are the ONLY martial arts academy in North Queensland to be able to make this claim. We are also home to three junior Brazilian Jiu Jitsu world champions. We are proud to have our roots as a DeBeen 100% Jiu Jitsu Academy Affiliate.

Getting started is easy! Either phone us to arrange a time to come to the facility and see exactly what we offer, or drop in to one of our scheduled classes to see first hand what happens inside de Been 100% Jiu Jitsu Cairns.

It’s never too late to learn. We have a variety of classes, from beginners, through to advanced. If you’re worried about being left out and thinking you won’t be able to keep up because your new, think again. You will be guided through the basics in one of the beginner classes by one of our experienced instructors. From there, you can join in any class you prefer and you will be made to feel like it’s your second home.

BJJ is ideal for Men, Women and Children. We have classes available for everyone, so you can learn in a relaxed environment, from Cairns & North QLD’s highest ranked instructors.

Starting off in any martial art is always tricky, as you don’t really know what is a good school and what is a not so good school. BJJ has a governing body established to monitor Official Academies and there ranks. The governing body is called the ‘Australian Federation of Brazilian Jiu jitsu” (AFBJJ). We have been a long term member of the AFBJJ since 1997. Before you start training Jiu Jitsu, make sure your school is affiliated with the afbjj, to ensure authentic BJJ. See Below for what BJJ classes we have on offer.

de Been 100% Jiu Jitsu Cairns also operates are Fusion Fight and Fitness.

About de Been Jiu Jitsu

Unlike many traditional martial arts, de Been 100% Jiu Jitsu techniques are not drilled religiously nor do they form the basis of the training. Instead the uniqueness of Jiu Jitsu training lies in learning and understanding the concepts that underpin the overall art. Jiu Jitsu techniques can only be applied successfully with a solid understanding of leverage and positioning concepts. The concepts will then allow a student to find a finishing technique that can be applied. Control concepts, positioning concepts and defence concepts are passed onto the student in early training and reinforced throughout training. These concepts form the foundation for de Been Jiu Jitsu from the beginner right up to the most elite level.

Peter de Been is 5th degree Black Belt under Carlos Gracie Jr. He was the first non Brasilian to gain a Black Belt out of Brasil.

Pete is the founder (established in 1994) and President of the Australian Federation of Brasilian Jiu Jitsu - AFBJJ. The AFBJJ is the representative of the International Brasilian Jiu Jitsu Federation - IBJJF. The AFBJJ oversees around 40 competitions Australia wide and co runs the Australian National and Pan Pacific with the IBJJF.

Since de Been 100% Jiu Jitsu established itself as Australia's First Jiu Jitsu Academy in 1993, Jiu Jitsu has grown at an enormous rate. Our Mission was to establish Jiu Jitsu In Australia - we have achieved that and are now at the next stage of our plan. No longer just satisfied with establishing Jiu Jitsu in Australia, our new mission is to raise the level of Australian Jiu Jitsu to World Class.


12 Magazine St, Stratford QLD 4870, Australia

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Cairns is a city in the Cairns Region, Queensland, Australia. It is on the east coast of Far North Queensland. The city is the 5th-most-populous in Queensland and ranks 14th overall in Australia.

The population of the Cairns urban area at June 2018 was 152,729, having grown on average 1.1% year-on-year over the preceding five years. Based on 2015 data, the associated local government area has experienced an average annual growth rate of 2.3% over the last 10 years. Cairns is a popular tourist destination because of its tropical climate and access to both nearby tropical rain forest and the Great Barrier Reef, one of the seven natural wonders of the world.
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